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Description of Feurio! Retail:

The Feurio! Retail Box contains: Feurio!Program CD and registration code
; CD label-kit, including: Centering aid ; Label software (exPressITLabeldesigner) ; A set of CD labels
; Bonus: CD data base
As a bonus the CD contains a data base with the data of more than 100.000 CDs- if you install the data base, Feurio! "recognizes" many of the CDs you insertautomatically, i. e. you don´t have to enter the tracks anymore!
(Note: This data base is based on the entries of the FreeDB.If you purchase the download version of Feurio!, you can download the data basefrom: ftp://ftp.freedb.org/pub/.After you have downloaded the data base it can be imported: Feurio! CD-Manager- CDDB Data Base - Import CDDB Data Base)
; Bonus: Nero Media-Player
As an additional bonus the CD also contains the Nero Media-Player. The NeroMedia-Player can playback a lot of different audio formats..
Note: The Nero Media-Player only has an English user interface!
The wholething is packaged into a DIN A4 size box.

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