Deejaysystem? Mk-II

Powerful mixing console equipped with all the essential elements to mix a live session.




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Description of Deejaysystem? Mk-II:

Deejaysystem™ Mk-II is a powerful tool for professional DJs. It contains all the essential elements to mix a good live session.

Thanks to the simplicity, power and reliability of the Deejaysystem™ Mk-II, the DJ can control his sessions with ease. The controls are intuitive -- essential to the competent DJ who needs to make those quick adjustments for a bang-on mix!

Deejaysystem™ Mk-II can work with one or several soundcards (no limit) without losing functionality. The software is designed mainly to be used with an external mixer, although it incorporates a built-in mixer with the basic functions.

General features:
Simple and useful interface based on the popular Denon Dn-2000F CD player. ; Precise playback and mixer control. ; High precision 1-millisecond track positioning. ; High precision (¡À0.001%) pitch control. ; Progressive pitch bend for fine adjustment during mixes. ; Extremely reliable operation with high fault tolerances (for slightly scratched CDs, corrupt mp3s...). ; High performance with minimum system resource consumption. ; Low-latency playback controls. ; Fully-customizable keyboard and joystick controls. Special options for analog controls. ; Program operation is customizable to the finest detail (for the discerning DJ!). ; Intelligent warning system protects from potential errors during the session (eg. opening the next song in the wrong deck).
Operate one or more soundcards (without limit), without loss of functionality. ; Independent audio settings for each deck and for the monitor (pre-listening). ; Ability to use left / right channels of same soundcard as separate outputs. ; Master/Monitor synchronization control to compensate for differences in latency between sound cards.
Playlist editor and automation:
Full Drag&Drop support. ; Load and save M3U (Winamp) playlist files. ; Recursive load of songs in directories and playlist files. ; Song info shown by name, duration, number of times played, time passed since previous playback. ; Song database that stores individual song information. ; Save up to 10 Cue points (position marks) per song. ; Continuous play system with (customizable) auto-crossfade, shuffle, and list loop modes.
Internal mixer (optional, use of external mixer recommended)
Standard controls: volume, gain and monitor by channel, masters and monitor gains, crossfader, panning. ; Gain control with up to +12dB / 400% amplification and optional auto-gain limiter. ; Monitor (pre-listening) even with only one soundcard.

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