Deejaysystem? Mk-I

A simple audio player that emulates a CD Deck with all the essential DJ playback functions. It includes a Winamp-style playlist.


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Description of Deejaysystem? Mk-I:

Deejaysystem™ Mk-I is a simple Winamp-style player, yet DJ-oriented in design and operation.

Multiple instances of the Mk-I player may be simultaneously run as independent processes (number of instances is limited only by your computer's system resources). Each player may be configured to share soundcards with other instances of the Mk-I player or be designated to operate a soundcard exclusively.

Main features:
Control layout and operation based upon the popular Denon Dn-2000F CD player. ; Low-latency playback (play / pause /cue) controls. ; High precision 1-millisecond track positioning. ; High precision (¡À0.001%) pitch control. ; Progressive pitch bend for fine adjustment during mixes. ; Drag & Drop support for the Windows Explorer and other file-browsing software applications. ; Playlist Editor with many essential functions, including recursive folder operations for track additions. ; Controllable by mouse and keyboard. ; High sound reliability and stability during playback. ; Minimal system resource consumption.

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