Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx

Low latency realtime software guitar effects processor, that can add effects like chorus, flanger, reverb and distortion etc to live guitar sound to enhance your guitar playing and make it sound more exciting.




$30 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx:

Low latency realtime software stereo guitar effects processor, with 18 effects, including a multi band echo with 4 to 60 bands plus multi band distortion and fuzz. 12 Stage virtual analogue phaser, guitar synth, 60 band harmonic spectrum analyser with zoom and scroll, which will show you the pitch of every note played and of their harmonics. It also has a level indicator, wav recorder and tuner. Effects list : chorus, flanger, phaser, echo, multi tap echo, multi band echo + distortion + fuzz, reverb, distortion, wah, vibrato, tremelo, ring modulator, noise gate, equaliser, filters, guitar synth, quad, and tuner.

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