PSP StereoPack for Mac (MAS)

PSP StereoPack 4 plug-ins designed for creating, expanding, improving, controlling and analyzing quality of stereo audio signals!




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Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of PSP StereoPack for Mac (MAS):

PSP StereoPack is collection of 4 plug-ins (MAS) for creating, expanding, improving, controlling and analysing the image and quality of the stereo signal in single tracks or mixes thereof. The set consists of:
PSP PseudoStereo,
PSP StereoEnhancer,
PSP StereoController,
PSP StereoAnalyser.
What the press say?
The PSP StereoPack can add real dimension to sounds and mixes that seemed fine already, as well as lifting weak material up to unexpectedly high level. Analysis and correction become simple tasks which can help confirm your stereo image or show any problems that your hearing may not pick up.
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The PSP StereoPack is a very attractive tool for sound engineers who are involved in mastering and for owners of home recording studios who want to achieve interesting spatial effects and to make preliminary mixes of their own compositions.
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PSP StereoPack: a useful collection of stereo plug-ins that'll help you get your mixes sounding wider than ever.
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PSP PseudoStereoDescription:PSP PseudoStereo plug-in enables the conversion of the mono signal into a stereo one. Due to processor operation the mono signal gains features resembling a record performed by the use of a pair of microphones. This appliance proves particularly valuable when mixing MIDI material, when for instance percussion tracks need some depth and natural spatial effect. This plug-in enables the user to create the impression of "vigorous drums" based on mono samples. It can also be used for the purpose of re-mastering mono tracks.
Applications: pseudo-stereo encoding while recording, mixing and re-mastering mono tracks.
Features: wide range of effects, visualization of stereo to mono ratio, emphasis of transients in processor chain, enclosed programs library.
back to topPSP StereoEnhancerDescription:PSP StereoEnhancer plug-in allows for the improvement of the stereo track spatial effect. Due to three processor operation modes optimal settings can be applied to any audio material. With the use of PSP StereoEnhancer the stereo sound of acoustic instruments as well as poor stereo archive tracks can be improved. This plug-in can also applied for the purpose of new music material mastering.
Applications: enhancing stereophonic space while recording, mixing, mastering and re-mastering single or multiple stereo tracks and mixes.
Features: wide range of effects from subtle to extreme, visualization of mono compatibility, enclosed programs library.
back to topPSP StereoControllerDescription: PSP&nbspStereoController is used for correcting stereophonic errors. This plug-in allows for removing basic errors such as: reverse signal phase or change of channels. It can also be used for effecting subtle changes into the stereo image. PSP StereoController is particularly helpful whilst mastering tracks performed in poor monitoring conditions.
Applications: eliminating stereo errors during mastering and re-mastering stereo tracks.
Features: independent control of differential signal level, traditional channel balance, changing stability of left and right without moving center channel position, adjusting center position without changing entire stereo image, swapping and changing phase of channels. Visualizing of left / right balance and stereo / mono balance. This processor does not break tonal balance and mono compability.
back to topPSP StereoAnalyserDescription: PSP StereoAnalyser is used for measuring and estimating the correctness of the stereo signal. Apart from mean and peak measurement of L R or M S signal levels it allows for oscilloscope observation of stereo sound which reveals phase errors and lack of channel balance.
Applications: analyzing of stereo image properties while recording, mixing, mastering and re-mastering of stereo tracks.
Features: stereo oscilloscope with hold option and manually or automatically adjusted operating level, L R or S M level meters with mean/peak/peak hold features and held peak level text output.
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Minimum system requirements:
MacOS 8.5; MAS compatible host application; 64 MB RAM; G3 300 Mhz; High Color S-VGA, 1024x768

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