PSP MixPack for PC (VST/DirectX)

PSP MixPack 4 plug-ins to add rich, detailed, warm, lively and punchy sound to your tracks!




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Description of PSP MixPack for PC (VST/DirectX):

PSP MixPack is a collection of 4 plug-ins processors (DirectX/VST) designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings that often lack quality due to excessive digital sterility and harshness. The kit consists of:
PSP MixBass,
PSP MixSaturator,
PSP MixPressor,
PSP MixTreble.
As the name of the collection suggests, the plug-ins which make up part of this series are specifically for use during sound mixing. However, the quality of the algorithms employed also allows them to be used in mastering.

What the press say?The powerful tools contained in the MixPack really are top quality and can enhance virtually any material to give that 'produced' feeling which is so difficult to put into words.
      Computer Music   read more
I was just wrapping up the mix of a CD project with Steinberg's Nuendo whenI started testing the plug-ins in the MixPack. They were so good that I wasforced to re-mix the whole CD using them.
      Bill Stunt, Recording Magazine   read more

The PSP MixPack is fantastic for adjusting dynamics and tonal color in ways that standard-issue EQs and dynamics tools can't touch.
      Francis Preve, Keyboard Magazine   read more

PSP MixTrebleDescription: PSP MixTreble is a plug-in processor which has been designed for processing a range of treble frequencies. Its universality and great possibilities in creating sound are ensured by these expanded sections:the hiss removing section which allows a decrease in the hiss content or in the undesired reverberation of a room in the range of treble frequencies; the transient section designed for stimulating flattened transients; the section of widening the frequency range by enriching the signal in lacking harmonics; the enhancer section which makes it possible to increase the spatiality of the processed material. Features: four algorithms designed to provide processing adequate for different aspects of sound in the high frequency range, wide range of possible sounds, switchable soft clipping algorithm which prevents output level from exceeding 0dBFS, principles of algorithms based on analog devices, mixing of input signal with processed one in the desired proportions, contains a set of factory presets.
Applications: processing single tracks for better presence in the mix, processing any kind of tracks or groups for removing the noise floor and better stereo image, processing mixes or archival material for overall treble improvement - the better S/N ratio, detailed sound, clear articulation and breath.
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PSP MixPressorDescription: PSP MixPressor is a compressor which enables the user to obtain a sound quality typical for classic devices with valve and optoelectronic circuits.
; The compressor works with a 'soft knee' which lessens negative effects connected with the operation of the system.; The level detector can operate in two modes: peak mode and RMS mode, which enables the user to adjust the time characteristics to the material processed.
The times of the attack and release can be regulated across a wide range or an automatic setting can be chosen.; Regulation of the 'hold' makes it possible to regulate the character of the bass-frequency sound.; The side chain signal has a smoothly-swept 'bell-type' filter thanks to which the phenomenon of 'pumping' can be limited, or the compressor can be used as a 'de-esser'.
The PSP MixPressor plug-in also contains a limiter which can operate as a warm-sounding peak limiter, useful during mastering, or as a limiter-saturator with a sharper sound, which is excellent for brightening-up the sound of percussion loops.
Unique meters simultaneously indicate the peak and VU levels before or after compression, as well as the mean gain reduction.
Features: compressor with 'soft-knee' characteristics; peak or RMS level detection; automatic and manual timings for attack and release; filter in the side chain control circuitry; limiter-saturator; unique peak, VU and gain-reduction meters; a library of 18 presets.
Applications: 'soft' compression of full mixes during mastering; compression of any tracks or groups during mixing.
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PSP MixSaturatorDescription: PSP MixSaturator is a specialised plug-in processor whose aim is to produce a saturated sound, typical for such analog devices as tape recorders and valve circuits. In the interests of ensuring a wide range of sound possibilities and high sound quality, three algorithms have been used in this plug-in:
the analog saturation simulation algorithm, which enables the user to choose one of the seven non-linearity curves characteristic of valve devices, analog tape and digital clipping,
; the bass frequencies processing algorithm, whose aim is to add warmth to the sound within the bass frequencies range, through adding harmonics and increasing the bass in a recording,
; the treble frequencies processing algorithm, which gives the user the possibility of simulating tape saturation within the treble frequencies range, without increasing the level of distortion and aliasing.
Features: the simulation of saturated sound characteristic of valve devices and tape recorders; special circuits to shape the sound of bass and treble frequencies; a wide range of possible sounds; a library of 24 presets.
Applications: the enrichment of sound with harmonics and increasing the middle level while recording, mixing and mastering; the processing of mixes and single tracks.
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PSP MixBassDescription:PSP MixBass is a specialised low frequency processor plug-in which is designed to assist in attaining a punchy, analog bass sound. In order to ensure a wide range of sound capabilities while retaining a high sound quality, a series of innovative solutions are employed with this plug-in:
a low-frequency compression algorithm which enables the user to adapt dynamic bass features to the psycho-acoustic properties of the ear,
; a bottom-end harmonics generator which adds character and definition to the range of bottom end frequencies, particularly in relation to synthetic bass and percussion loops,
; a soft (pseudo-analog) clipping algorithm which prevents the occurrence of digital distortion when exceeding 0dBfs as well as allowing an increase of volume to around 3dB without a deterioration in the quality of recording.
Features: wide scope of possible sounds, physiological (adapted to the manner of human hearing) compression of low frequencies, additional enhancement of the lowest frequencies by adding harmonic frequencies, a gentle clip algorithm if the 0dBfs level is surpassed,a library of 21 presets is included.
Applications: enhancing low frequency sounds during recording, mixing and mastering, treatment of all mixes and individual soundtracks (percussion loops, synthetic bass, other acoustic instruments both electric and electronic).
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Minimum system requirements:
Windows 95; VST or DirectX compatible host application; 64 MB RAM; Pentium 200 MHz; High Color S-VGA, 1024x768

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