Multiband Compressor (Mono version)

Mono version of our Multiband compressor for Pulsar / Scope.




$69 (USD)


Platform independent

Multiband Compressor (Mono version) Download

Description of Multiband Compressor (Mono version):

If you have already played with a DBX or an Alesis compressor, forget everything and listen the Multicomp : this is for the studio masters. It is Mono & Stereo (!!!) and can be used in any recordings. It is warm and really professional. It has all the features you dream and we have carefully tuned it for studio use. It has 6 of our VTube(tm) processors adapted to compression needs, works on 3 bands in stereo, and has a limiter, a look ahead feature, solo modes, 5 type of unique compressions algorithms (from hard to soft), and very precise settings. If you have already tried a Focusrite or a Manley studio processor, you'll find here something that will not disappoint you. If not, then you can now have one of these secret weapons that only the most expensive studio can afford, but at a budget price!

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